#woodlook Porzellanfliese für Ihre Dusche. Club Beige arizonatile.com / …

#woodlook Porzellanfliese für Ihre Dusche. Club Beige arizonatile.com / …

When I say that porcelain tiles are an offshoot of ceramic tiles, I am not mistaken. These tiles are in high demand these days and you will find that many households have laid porcelain tile floors in their homes. One reason for the increase in their popularity may be attributed to the various designs available. This means that there is a tile that matches the color and design of each room. These tiles also look good and will undoubtedly add beauty to your home.

In this article we examine the pros and cons of porcelain tiles and then come to a conclusion based on the principle of rationality.


A porcelain stoneware tile has many advantages. However, the main benefits are listed below:

  1. The main advantage of these tiles is that they are very robust and extremely resistant to various natural and artificial challenges. On these tiles you can drive by car and there will be no cracks at all.
  2. These tiles are available in a variety of designs, allowing you to make a wide choice and buy the tiles that fit your room or home.
  3. Let's be honest: porcelain stoneware floors are always one step higher in appearance than other floor types. They naturally contribute to the beauty of the house.


Like everything else in the world, porcelain tiles are not perfect and have their shortcomings. The main disadvantages are the following:

  1. Porcelain tiles cost more than normal tiles. This is because the porcelain makes it heavier than ordinary tiles. Since it is difficult, the costs for laying and cutting are higher than for conventional tiles.
  2. Unlike normal tiles, porcelain tiles do not last well with normal adhesives. You will need a much stronger glue or the tiles will come out repeatedly. Therefore, the installation is not easy.
  3. Porcelain tiles become weaker when exposed to chlorine or other acids.

The porcelain tiles have many advantages and disadvantages. On closer examination, however, you can see that the benefits of porcelain tiles are far greater than the disadvantages. So, based on the principles of rationality, it can be concluded that buying porcelain tiles for the floor is not a bad idea, and you will find that this undoubtedly increases the value of your home or workspace.