Wilsonart 4 ft. x 8 ft. Laminate Sheet in Boardwalk Oak with Standard Fine Velvet Texture Finish-7983383504896

Wilsonart 48 in. x 96 in. Laminate Sheet in Boardwalk Oak with Fine Velvet Texture 7983383504896 at The Home Depot – Mobile

A laminate sheet is a mixture of paper and plastic. Decor paper soaked with melamine resin and phenolic resin and brown paper are pressed together with considerable force into a stiff laminate web. In the production of a decorative laminate board machines and various substances are used. FABRICS AND MACHINES It is used phenolic resin, which consists of phenol. Melamine resin is another substance used in the manufacture of laminate films. Other ingredients include brown paper, translucent paper and decorative printed paper. The machines used are: drying and cooling machines, cutting machines used to cut the laminate sheets or papers to the required size, paper impregnation line, hydraulic press, steel plates and grinding machine. TO PROCESS The following are the methods for producing a laminate film. The brown paper is dipped in a bathtub filled with phenolic resin. This paper forms the basis of the laminate. The paper picks up the resin. The soaking is done with a machine called the paper impregnation line. This machine moves the rolled paper through the resin, a process called impregnation. The decorative and translucent paper are both soaked in a similar process with melamine resin, making them hard, stiff and scratch and abrasion resistant. The next step is drying the papers. After drying, the papers become brittle and stiff. The cutting machines are now used to cut the hard paper rolls to the desired sizes. Now the important step is taken to press the papers firmly under high pressure and high temperature. Hydraulic presses do this job. The bottom layer is the brown paper, the middle layer is the decorative paper and the top layer is the translucent paper. The hydraulic presses press a large number of sheets simultaneously. Separator steel sheets located between the sheets prevent sticking together. These panels also carry designs and patterns that are etched onto the surface of the laminate panels. The last step is the grinding process. The underside is ground with a grinder. This is done to facilitate adhesion of the underside to other surfaces. SPECIES Decorative laminates, high-pressure laminate and high-pressure decorative laminate for kitchen cabinets. The laminate panels are available in various finishes and colors, especially the decorative laminate panels. Colors include pine, red, coffee and white.