Why I chose Wood Laminate , AGAIN

Why I chose Wood Laminate , AGAIN!

Historically, wood laminate floors have been tested for their plastic and unnatural appearance. These floors have been on the market since the beginning of the eighties because they are versatile. Since the technological intervention in laminate flooring, they are becoming more realistic than ever before and give real hardwood floors a tough fight.

In particular, the introduction of wood laminates made it possible for every household in its interior to look unique. If you are American, you will have to come across the westhollow wood laminates in various households and residential areas. In addition, real estate owners like these floors because of their cost effectiveness and without compromising on the quality of the floors.

Why is it unique?

At present it is possible to add real wood up to 90 percent to finished laminate flooring. This wood laminates as good as contemporary real wood floors at very low cost. At first glance, nobody can tell what is laminated and what is wood? In addition, you can feel like wood when you go through these wood laminates.

How much does it cost?

Many people think wood laminates are expensive because they contain 90 percent wood. It is not true. For example, if a wood costs US $ 10 per square foot, the wood laminate costs about US $ 3. Imagine how much your budget is when you put 10000 square meters of real wood on the floor.


versatility - Wood laminates offer all sorts of options, whether you are looking for a contemporary design, traditional design or a fusion. Moreover, it has many colors to choose from to your taste. You can go for a plane, check board design or whatever design you want to be.

Easy to fix - Certain basic laminating tools are enough to fix the wood laminates by hand. They need neither experience nor professionalism. You can fix it in a weekend. In addition, you do not need help to carry out repairs. You have to master a topic that measures the ground. Cut the exact size after the measurement and simply roll it over an existing floor or tile. Wood laminates offer a longer life than modern laminate materials.

endurance - Endurance or durability are important in soil materials. It is a great option for high traffic areas and free of stains and multiple scratches. Make sure the wood laminates are free of holes.

Home means peace and love. It is important how you feel when you enter the house. Wood laminates let you feel fresh every time you enter the house.