Where To Buy Plastic Carpet Runners ID:9001523332

Where To Buy Plastic Carpet Runners ID:9001523332

In addition to the material and the size of the carpet, the design of a rug is the most important thing. After all, it is the design of the carpet that enhances the look of every room. Based on the design, it can work in the background to work with other details of the room, or it can act as a single focal point. Let's take a look at some carpet designs that are sure to be trendy this year.

  1. Carpets in neutral colors and minimalist design

Taupes and shades of gray are the new neutrals that are in fashion. Both colors are so attractive that they do not need many designs. Apart from these two, you will also find rugs in earthy green, muted blue and blue shoppers.

  1. Textured and patterned loop carpets

Textures and patterns are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The reason for their popularity is the fact that they reduce the appearance of stains and also minimize the vacuum markings. Some of the most popular textured and patterned carpet designs are textured loops, ribbed stripes, two-tone carpets, and geometric patterns.

  1. Pet Resistant Designs

While there are many carpet designs and materials that are ideal for pets, there is a whole new generation of carpet designs that are animal resistant. PetProtect and Stainmaster are two such carpets. This type of rug is easy to clean and wash and reduces the appearance of dirt and stains.

  1. Herati Pattern

This pattern takes its name from the city of Herati in Pakistan. It has floral patterns surrounded by leaves arranged in different patterns. These leaves are sometimes referred to as fish, because they look like that. If you choose a Herati pattern, make sure the carpet is from Iran or Pakistan and handmade.

  1. Dyrnak Pattern

Originally from Turkey, this rug design was first created by the Yomuts here. It generally has a simple design with impressive variations that enhance the appearance of a room with a traditional feel. While this type of design is very old, the number of buyers for this design is increasing and it could be one of the most popular carpet designs this year.

If you are looking for a rug, remember these rug patterns to make sure you choose the one that is appreciated by each of your guests.