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Laminate floors are known to be professional and therefore enjoy great popularity in commercial buildings such as restaurants, lecture halls, hotels, etc. Due to the low maintenance, the low cost and the neat appearance of the laminate for commercial use. Apart from that, the modern techniques supplement additional features that improve the durability of the laminates for commercial applications.

Before deciding on commercial laminate flooring, one has to know the various industry standards for such flooring.

The laminates

The laminates of the commercial laminate floor are a plastic floor concept in which different layers are fused together. The laminates simulate the feeling of wood here. Typically, each laminate has four layers. In general, the layers contain a transparent protective plate, a synthetic fiber that simulates the wood, the core, which is usually made of recycled materials, and the remainder that comes in contact with the actual floor.


The commercial laminate flooring is rated according to an industry standard sorting system called AC. The AC rating stands for the abrasion class, which is directly related to the durability of the laminate. The laminates are classified considering their various factors for their AC rating. The most important issues affecting the classification of the laminates are stain resistance, impact resistance, insulation and response to heat, moisture, scratch resistance and abrasion.

Based on these six factors, the laminates are rated from AC1 (lowest value) to AC5 (highest value). AC1, AC2, AC3 are primarily intended for residential applications that are affected by light to heavy traffic. AC3 is sometimes preferred for low traffic commercial applications. AC4 and AC5 are specially designed for medium to high traffic commercial buildings. These can be buildings such as public offices, auditoriums, etc.


The advantage here is that the laminates are multi-layered. The uppermost layer is the transparent protective layer, ie the second layer is the most important one to express and to design accordingly. This gives the commercial laminate floor a variation in design and pattern. This can vary from simple wood replicas to complex patterns that can be printed on them.


An important point to keep in mind when deciding on commercial laminate flooring for commercial buildings is maintenance. The laminates work well here, as the top layer of the protective layer minimizes the maintenance required to remove the debris from the laminates. The dirt just sits on top of it and you just have to wipe or vacuum it. Probably one of the best properties of the laminate is its protective top layer, which is not affected by the heat of sunlight and therefore also a great addition to the outdoors. However, caution should be exercised as this layer is the only protective layer on the top and can cause damage which can further damage the layer itself. Besides replacing the floor, there are no works.