Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring, Rapid-Locking System, Cali Vinyl Sample

Do you think you want to try something new? Anything other than the trendy dark wood floors or tiles? And you are looking for artificial wood floors to save your budget? Sit back and relax as vinyl wood flooring is the best option for this unique, not-too-ordinary look. It is a true replica of wood and tile that shines and soothes the feet. Some of the benefits of choosing vinyl wood flooring over laminate flooring are listed below.


Although laminate floors are excellent in every way, keep in mind that they are not completely waterproof. If you want a laminate floor for the bathroom or kitchen, this is a very bad idea for places with high humidity and stagnant water. So think about it before you install it, because you need to keep water loss to a minimum if you want a long life. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is extremely water resistant, which makes it the best option for your wet basement cellar or your bathroom.


Wooden floors are not for you? Because we are honest, can not you nurture them, even if you have worked hard for it? You have a pet and you love it and you have to give in to the habit of scratching and gnawing the floor because you just love it too much? And you also do not want your new floor looks scaly and has cracks and scratches everywhere? Laminate floors have been specially designed to ensure strength and durability, and work flawlessly. But vinyl hardwood floors are as good as they can get.

Design options:

Do you have a quirky nature and would like to leave your comfort zone by trying out new flooring without worrying about the budget, because you can not handle money carefree? It is recommended by experts to choose a vinyl wood floor to give your home a cost effective wood accent, as you can choose from a number of different designs, while wooden floors are very limited in terms of new designs (since this is the original wood) ), how can you change the pattern of a tree?)


Vinyl floors may not be as cheap as laminate floors, but they are a very good alternative to wood floors because they lower the cost to almost a third of the original price. Since this will last a long time, you are only smart with your investment!