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Which flooring do you choose for the interior decoration? This is a very problematic topic for every homeowner. There are several alternatives for flooring available on the market, such as: Natural wood, laminate tiles, hardwood, etc. Choosing a suitable material is always devastating to the homeowner. In addition, the material preference includes a lot of money from your wallet, so you have to be careful. Attachment and maintenance The main reason why you have to choose laminate tiles is the low price compared to modern materials. Although it gives your home a natural look, the price is very low. You do not need a specialist or a carpenter to repair the floor. You can do it alone with a day or two. In addition, no expensive adhesive is required for attachment. Simply roll the tile over the underlying material and fasten it together. Most floors were stained with stains and dirt. For laminate tiles, however, it is free of these harmful substances. If anything, it is enough to wipe soapy water regularly to keep the floor clean. Pay attention to moisture and moisture, even if it is waterproof, as it may cause some wear of the laminate tiles Suits for heavy traffic The advantage of laminate tiles is that they fit in all rooms such as bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen. Especially in high-traffic areas such as schools, corporate headquarters, shopping malls, office buildings, etc., it is becoming one of the most popular brands in the industry because it is resistant to elements that can cause the floor to discolor. In addition, it is perfect for the entrance because it is not affected by sunlight and causes fading. Generally, it takes at least three weeks for floor coverings to get used to the ambient temperature. The installation takes a long time. With laminate tiles, however, you only need 36 hours to assess whether the material gelled well in interior and furniture. If you feel allergic to entering a house. It happens through dirt from the air. With laminate tiles, however, your home is free from such health problems and the air quality stays clean. Always measure the floor size before selecting the laminate tiles, as this saves valuable time. Buying a laminate tile is worth every penny earned.