Trendy Home Ideas Stairs Carpet Runner Ideas

Trendy Home Ideas Stairs Carpet Runner Ideas #home

The stairs are the areas in which the house can be entered maximum. Carpeting in the staircase not only adds to the aesthetics of the house, but also provides comfort on the hard surface of the stairs. There are several methods that must be followed for the installation of carpet steps.


The first step is to measure the dimensions of the stairs such as length, width and height. The number of stairs must also be counted as it determines the number of tackle strips and pads needed for the carpet. The next step is to consult a carpet specialist to discuss the project, such as the size of the staircase, the design and the choice of carpet. Photos of the stairs also help the professional to give the customer sound advice.

It is also important to consider the creative side of the carpet as these carpets are mainly decorative items. The different types of carpets have different types of designs, so it is imperative to give the carpet as much visible symmetry as possible.


Purchase the materials such as the amount of carpet needed for the stairs (a few extra feet to account for possible cuts and flaws), tape to hold the carpet and upholstery, staples, hammers and nails, chisels and carpet knee-kickers ,

The tackles strips are then cut, 1.5 inches less than the width of the carpet. They are hammered by nails. Two stripes per step. A horizontal strip is hammered at the level of each step, and another strip set is glued to the other side of each step. The carpet pad is now cut and laid for each profile, and the padding sheets are placed over the stitching strips and stapled.

The padding is pulled over the edge of the stair and stapled every three inches. The carpet runner is then ideally placed from top to bottom. The carpet runner should be between the outlines previously marked with a pencil. A carpet knee kicker brings the carpet into the outlines of the steps. The Velcro straps should rest firmly on the carpet. Otherwise, you can use a chisel to press the angle between the step height and the tread to ensure that it hooks into place. Finally, the excess carpet should be cut off.


There are many types of rugs in many designs and sizes both in the online store and in the conventional shop. Any kind of design can be checked over the internet.