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In a bedroom, opt for wall-to-wall carpet, which stops foot traffic from becoming a nuisance, Harry Heissmann of Albert Hadley Inc. advises. The only exception? Beach houses, where wood floors are fine.

The sheer volume of the carpet selection can be very confusing for buyers who want the best carpet for their home. The carpets are available in different styles and varieties. Before you decide on a rug, you must necessarily analyze each type.


Polypropylene carpets are as soft as nylon. They resist stains and shed.

Polyester rugs come in a variety of bright colors that will not fade over time. They are non-allergenic and, in many cases, environmentally friendly if the material is made from recycled plastic bottles. They are not suitable for areas with high cadence, because the fibers tend to flatten due to the weight.

Nylon carpets are soft and durable. They are dirt-repellent and very popular with customers.

Wool carpets are the softest carpet on the market. They last a long time and are natural. The disadvantage is that the inferior wool is prone to staining and the high quality wool is expensive. Some carpets have both wool and synthetic fibers to derive the benefit of both materials.

Types of construction

Carpeting is available in two designs. They are called Schnittflor and Schlingenflor.

Cut pile carpet is durable due to the fiber used, the twist of the yarn and the density of the tufts. There are four styles in this type of construction. Textured, Plush, Saxony, Frieze and Cable Styles.

Slings are durable and are considered a multipurpose carpet. The stitches are visible because the yarn tips are not cut. The styles in this construction include Level Loop or Berber, Patterned Multi-Level Loop and Cut-and-Loop.


The quality of a rug depends on a variety of factors, such as weight, density, fiber type, construction and twist.

The weight of the carpet is directly proportional to the amount of fibers used therein. The heavier a carpet is, the better it is. Therefore, the weight plays an important role in the purchase of a rug.

The density indicates the number of fibers used in the stacks and the density of the tufted fibers. A high quality carpet would be denser than a low quality one.

Fiber constructions such as Staple, Twist, Tufting, Heat Fixing and Bulked Continuous Filament determine the durability of a carpet. Fiber types as described above, e.g. Nylon, wool. Polyester, acrylic, olefin, etc. contribute in part to the price, look and durability of a carpet.