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Carpets are rightly the most popular floor coverings for US households. Carpets are much cheaper than other floor coverings like wood or laminate flooring. In addition, carpets keep the house naturally warm by isolating the cold. That's why you prefer carpeting in cold-weather homes when laying a floor. However, carpets can cause allergies and respiratory problems as they tend to absorb the dust particles in the air. Second, carpets are difficult to clean when liquid is spilled on them. However, if you have decided to install a carpet, you should consider these issues when laying the carpet.

What you should do

This should be considered when installing a new carpet.

Before laying the carpet, the floor must be prepared. To do this, you must put the pad in strips and push the strips against each other.

To hold the pad firmly in place, some glue should be used to stabilize it.

Now that your floor is done, it's time to roll on the carpet. If you use two carpets, make sure they do not overlap by cutting off the extra pieces.

Use a knee kicker at the edges of the rug to keep the rug firmly in place and not coming out.

Take a knife or a blade and cut the carpet along the edges or near the walls, making it look seamless and attractive overall.

That's almost done! You just have to place the furniture in the room and Tadaa. They are ready to go

Take a deep breath and pat on the back for a good job.

What you should not do:

When laying the carpet, it is important to keep these things in mind and to avoid them altogether:

Do not use existing pads from previous carpets.

Do not overlap the bumpers

Do not drink liquid drinks as you do not want to spill them on your new carpet.


These are the rules you should follow when installing a new carpet in your room or home. Following these steps will only help you in laying the carpet correctly and ensuring that it will last for a long time.