Suzani Lumbar Pillow Cases Fashioned From All-over Embroidered Tashket Suzani

Suzani Lumbar Pillow Cases Fashioned From All-over Embroidered Tashket Suzani

Asian carpets belong to the categories of oriental rugs. These carpets are consistent with several collectors and the best oriental rugs that are in demand around the world. Asian rugs add real class to any area and stand out from other manmade carpets with their unmistakable hand knotted or handwoven character.

Artistic splendor

Asian carpets have long been known for their creative and inventive splendor.

These are hand-knotted carpets made on a specially designed loom and knotted by hand. The production of hand-knotted rugs is a very ancient art that deserves much admiration. The part of the luxury that oriental rugs bring to the world today is the modesty that begins among the wandering tribes who once roamed the beautiful expanse of Asia in search of their keep.

Generations of our family have meticulously woven a valuable tapestry of their own. One of the close relationships with the most famous weaver masters and famous workshops that produce the most exquisite antique Asian rugs, as most of them are trendy, modern rugs. These valuable bonds benefit our customers in terms of quality and legitimacy, value and selection of size, color and shape. Material and designs.

environmentally friendly

Asian carpets are safer and more environmentally friendly compared to manmade and other machine-made carpets. These carpets are made from natural materials and natural dyes, meaning that they produce no toxins and fewer allergens. While some machine-made carpets are extremely flammable, Asian carpets are not.

Many other utilities

In order not to belittle the quality of these handwoven carpets, it is still wondering about the variety of their patterns and admirable designs. Another way to use Asian rugs is that you can use them on walls to show artistic beauty on the walls of your home. The reality, however, is that one of the good facets of these oriental rugs is that it covers a large number of patches. This makes them particularly good for dining rooms and high traffic areas.