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A carpet ties a room together, anchors a space and makes it look more refined. Room carpets can alter or destroy the entire decor of your room. Therefore, choose your rugs wisely. To create a space that you love, you should give love to every single item in your place and give it your full attention.

A room carpet should:

-Set boundaries to your space. If you lay out a small carpet (because you honestly think about your budget), your room looks pretty crowded. Remember that a rug should peel off while a rug is a solid floor covering. So a rug the size of a rug does not look right at its place. Instead, you can overlay it and put a rug on the carpets.

- Create a contrast to your wall. If you have a strong wallpaper in your room, you should try using a neutral colored rug to soften it. If you have a neutral finish in your room, you can also design a dark and bold carpet.

-Familyfriendly. A rug that is durable when children and pets are in your home will spare you the thought of its easy wear.

A room carpet should not:

- Be the last article to vote. When you say that a carpet gives depth to a room that otherwise looks bare, that's what it means. It keeps a room together, so the furniture should be reconnected to it. So, choosing your last rug puts you in a very difficult position.

- Are you afraid of obvious patterns and stripes. Give your modern interior a chic look. A room with a beautiful wooden floor and a patterned rug is more attractive than a plain rug

- Are you afraid to get under the furniture. Because if less is more, more is better!

- Used without carpet backing. A carpet underlay should keep the carpet slip-free and non-slip. It is important to use a carpet pad to keep the carpet in place, especially if you have children in the house.

A room carpet can:

  • Be playful with colors and sizes. Adding specks of color to your room with a carpet that has a unique shape will be odd.
  • Decorated with colorful additions like pillows. It gives the room a warm and friendly look.