Stair Rods For Carpet Runners Product ID:1918729757

Stair Rods For Carpet Runners Product ID:1918729757

Hotels need a little more when it comes to carpet design and aesthetics. As the hotel industry thrives on good customer service and customer satisfaction, it is imperative that the appearance of the hotel is beautiful and appealing to guests. Hotel carpet is available in different patterns and designs. They should not only be beautiful, but also easy to care for. Let's take a look at some of the carpet categories used in hotels.


Acrylic rugs are the most popular rugs for hotels. This is due to numerous advantageous features such as stain resistance, mold resistance and various color combinations. Acrylic carpets, however, quickly wear out in the areas in which they are heavily used because of the heavy pedestrian traffic.

Polyester carpets are also commonly used in the hospitality industry as synthetic fiber carpets. They are available in different shades and can be combined with any color scheme. However, polyester carpets begin to shed when exposed to sunlight and also become more susceptible to oil stains.

Nylon carpets have been recommended for areas in the hotel where there is a lot of traffic. Nylon carpets are also dirt-repellent.


They are made by mixing two or more different fibers. The combination includes silk / wool blends, cotton / silk, olefin / nylon and wool / nylon.


Natural carpets such as seagrass, jute, woolen carpets and sisal are expensive carpets. Expensive hotels like five-star hotels can afford to buy such carpets. A seagrass rug has a latex underlay and can be used for medium to high traffic areas.

Jute carpets are durable and fireproof. They should not be exposed to sunlight. They should also not be installed in high traffic areas. Sisal carpets are suitable for stairs and corridors. They do not hold the dirt.

Wool carpets are commonly used by five-star hotels to decorate the rooms. They are available in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. They are dirt-repellent and biodegradable.


There are many companies that produce different types of hotel carpets in a variety of designs and patterns. All of the above carpets are available in different brands and are also sold by many online stores. Hotels are willing to spend a lot of money on durable and high quality carpets, and the markets do not disappoint with their huge collection of high quality carpets.