So funktioniert der Look »Black & Brown«: Trendy und doch zeitlos – eine Leder…

So funktioniert der Look »Black & Brown«: Trendy und doch zeitlos – eine Ledercouch in Cognac-Braun ist super angesagt und lässt den Stil der Seventies wieder aufleben. Unifarbene Kissen (aus Fell und Wolle für spannenden Materialmix!) und Plaids in Schwarz und Grautönen sowie ein großer cremefarbener Teppich sorgen für Wohlfühlatmosphäre.

If you're having trouble finding the right large rug for your living room, bedroom or kitchen, this article will help. The different types of materials, colors, and patterns can make it difficult for anyone to choose one, and the problem can get worse when you buy a large rug for the first time. However, we make the process extremely easy in just 4 steps.

  1. Building plan-

The first thing you need to consider is the floor plan. Finish a layout that might be perfect for the room size, and measure the same. Some of the most common layouts are

  • Floating - This type of arrangement ensures that the carpet is well distributed under all the legs of the small and large sofas in the room.
  • Classic - Here you have the sofa and other furniture on the wall. The size of the large carpet should be able to be distributed under all legs of all furniture.
  • Meal Plan - If you need a large rug for the dining room, just measure your dining table and add about 5 cm on each side.
  1. Material-

It is also very important to choose a material that suits your needs perfectly. Room type, traffic, children, pets etc. are some of the factors that can determine the right material for your needs. You can opt for natural carpets that are woven by hand and made of materials such as jute, sisal, seagrass, etc. Dhurries and Killims are also ideal large types of carpet made from cotton and wool. They are usually reversible and known for their bright colors and patterns.

  1. Template-

The next step is to pick a pattern for your big rug. If the environment of your room is traditional, you can choose neutral and monochrome patterns, and if the room has all the modernity, you can choose bright and multicolored large carpets. Just remember that the rug should not be completely different from the room.

  1. the Pads

While many shoppers do not think that carpet upholstery is important, they actually do an extraordinary job of keeping the carpet in place. Especially if you place the big rug in a room with a lot of traffic, these documents will keep the rug in place. Premium pads and Eco-Stay pads are two of the most common pads.

When buying a large rug, remember these four steps, and the process should be free of any confusion. Make sure you search multiple stores and options before choosing one.