Rustic Hardwood Flooring Tips and Suggestion

Style to Your Residence Timber flooring does not simply look good. It boosts the account of your home, specifically when it comes time to market. The tidy, classic appearance of hardwood flooring adds an air of beauty to any space as well as could last for decades to find.

Sanding of the parquet floors takes place during the finishing process, especially if the parquet floor is damaged, stained or waxed. First, the furniture of the room where the grinding process takes place should be removed, including the doors. Then you have to remove all nail heads or carpet staples from the wooden floors.

Lights and doors should also be covered with plastic and taped to the edges. Sanding hardwood floors takes three complete sessions. All these sessions are mentioned in the following paragraphs.


An eccentric sander that is easier to handle and can also be rented must be used for this session. You should always start with the corner of the door, load the grinder with the sandpaper and then move along the grain one after the other. After sanding the center of the room, you must sand the edges with a hand grinder by inserting additional sandpaper. Once the sanding process is complete, vacuum the entire floor with a brush and fill in all holes found.


For this session, a person must follow the grinding process by applying light pencil marks to the edges of the room. Then use a regular orbital sander and load a fair amount of sandpaper. Follow exactly the same procedure and pattern as in the first session. It is extremely important to keep the small details and edges in one line and in the corners. The final phase consists of vacuuming the floor with a brush and smoothing out any unevenness or unevenness in the floor so that the parquet floor can be effectively sanded.


First of all, a person must load the orbital sander with a large amount of sandpaper for the final stage to be effectively carried out. Even the last session requires more sandpaper than the previous sessions. However, the procedure and the pattern are exactly the same.

The details and edges are marked with a pencil so that the grinding process can be performed properly and no area remains. The final stage in this third session is to vacuum the floor with a brush and work on the remaining surfaces. Also try to wipe the dust off the windows. This marks the end of the entire grinding process.