Reduzierte Kinderteppiche

benuta Kids Kinderteppich Noa Kids Let’s Play Multicolor 80×150 cm – Teppich für Kinderzimmerbenuta.

Carpets are an essential part of the home decor. These carpets not only bring warmth and color to your home, but are also a great source for emphasizing the beauty and glamor of the place where they are kept. From contemporary to traditional there is a varied selection of carpets. But the most overwhelming beauty styles are the children's rugs.

There are a number of designs for children's rugs. The shape of these rugs can be varied according to the requirements of the room. The following forms in children's carpets are the most popular,


  • oval
  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • place
  • Animal or abstract form

The colors that are usually designed for children's rugs are bright and sharp and match the child's temperament, but the black and white rugs are also popular with children. These rugs are designed to match the nature of the child. Dark colors are most commonly used to make these carpets, as the children in their play area usually mess up and mess up, so light colors are generally avoided as they easily get dirty.


New fashionable designs were also introduced for the children's rugs. These include the following

  • animal prints
  • Zoo designs
  • Carpets from ABC
  • Hello kitty carpet
  • Polka dot style etc

One of the most popular styles of children's rugs is the animal print rug. On this carpet are attractive animal pictures in original colors. A rug with a tiger face or a small pony rug, now the children can decorate their room with their favorite animal pattern.


Polka dots in several bright colors with a monochrome base look very attractive to children. The dots can be varied in size and are available in sharp colors.


This is one of the most exciting designs in children's carpets, where the alphabets are arranged at random. For most black or dark primary colors, the alphabets are printed in different colors. For kids, it's fun to play on the ABC-designed children's rugs.


Flowers of different sizes and sharp colors look good on children's carpets. There is no fixed rule for the arrangement of flowers on the carpets. For example, a red flower print with a black or white background.

For a stunning look, the children's rugs are also designed in vintage style.