Rania Hand-Knotted Silk Rug

Rania Hand-Knotted Silk Rug

Silk rugs are probably the most expensive thing you can buy from anywhere. Turkey is a famous place for the production of silk carpets. It is probably the most expensive in Turkey. The carpet people in Istanbul would be selling a real silk carpet for a minimum of $ 15,000, and that would be a smaller rug too.

But how do you know if these silk carpets are real or artificial silk carpets? First, the difference between the two know.

Real silk

Real silk is created as a silky protective cover of the silkworm, the mulberry doll form or the Asian silk moth. The silky protective cover is spun by the silk moth caterpillar from a single silk fiber.


Artificial silk does not come from the cocoon of the silkworm. This may be mercerized cotton, a manufactured fiber such as rayon, or a blend of chemically made fibers.

How do you recognize real silk carpets?

First, you must pay attention to what hints the dealer gives you. Merchants of silk carpets are rarely as cautious in India as some of their Turkish counterparts. In India, artificial silk carpets are often sold as real silk, with written guarantees and certificates of authenticity. For a long year, Kashmir has been the capital of artificial and genuine silk in northern India. In Pakistan, carpets often have a silky touch, meaning that a rayon inlay is in their pile.

Test for silk carpets

Grater es- It is often said that you can distinguish real silk from artificial silk by rubbing the pile with your palm vigorously. The real silk carpet feels warm, while the art silk carpet stays cool when touched.

Burn it - pull A knot from the back of the carpet. Burn it. Smell the smoke and look at the ashes. If it is artificial, the ashes should be calcareous and soft and smell like burning paper. If it is real silk, the burning part should form a black, crunchy ash and smell like burning hair.

Dissolve At room temperature, a solution of 16 g of CuSO & sub4; in 150 ml of water. Add 8 g of glycerol -> caustic soda until a clear solution is obtained. This solution leaves the rayon, cotton and nylon unchanged, but dissolves a small sample of real silk.