Questo è il divano nel quale vorremmo sprofondare ogni sera! I cuscini, le cope…

Questo è il divano nel quale vorremmo sprofondare ogni sera! I cuscini, le coperte e gli elementi caldi come il legno ed il tappeto morbidissimo ci fanno amare questo soggiorno alla follia. 📸 Marzena Zdyb.marideko // Casa Idee Tavolino Hygge Scandi Beige Crema Nero Grigio Cesta Lucine #homedecor #salotto

I am very fond of shopping for home accessories and floor coverings. Yesterday, when I visited my friend, I noticed that there was a constant sale of country carpets and floor mats in our nearby shopping center. Since it was the beginning of my month and my wallet was filled with finances and I was already planning a new tapestry, I did not even think and agreed to visit this store.

Quality and quantity of country carpets

I was surprised by the premium qualities available in this shop. From hand-woven, hand-knotted to western carpets, every quality was there. You name it and you have it. Quantity was also sufficient. Although all items have been offered for sale, this does not limit the availability of the items. An adequate supply of products has been ensured. In addition, the staff was diligent in performing the customer care task and I found that every customer was almost completely satisfied.

Popular articles of country rugs

Braided cotton rugs, indoor and outdoor rugs, hooked country rugs, penny rugs, and coconut floor mats were the eye-catchers of all. Carpets of every size and material were there.


It was the first shop that I have seen with a 5 year warranty on all carpets and doormats. The antibacterial machine-made carpets are in great demand as they prevent the growth of bacteria. This attribute is of course available in bamboo rugs. The natural oils in bamboo shoots keep the bamboo rugs free of allergens and microbes.

Overall, the journey was successful. Not only could I get a good deal for myself, but I could also gain some know-how about the latest trends in the USA. A huge discount was an added benefit to my purchase. The 9 "* 12" rug that filled my shopping cart may be the focal point of my living area.

The country rug has a mix of subtle and vivid colors that definitely fit with my oak wood furniture. I made sure I had bought carpet long enough to cover the center table and at least the front legs of armchairs and sofas. To make it more comfortable and comfortable, I plan to place small, differently shaped, matching pillows. Fancy decorative pieces are also placed on the center table, which enhances the aesthetics and beauty of my place of residence.