Oxford Herringbone Golden Smoked Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

Oxford Herringbone Golden Smoked Oak Engineered Wood Flooring 1

The beauty of wood floors is perfect, but the question of whether or not they should be used for specific applications is no longer a question thanks to the wooden floor. The use of traditional solid wood flooring is particularly limited to certain applications where high moisture content is important, such as laying above concrete slabs or below average grades.

Traditional wood floors can be easily damaged when used in conditions of humidity. They easily shrink or warp in a short time after they have been installed. The following reasons suggest that wood floors in all sets beat the competition.

Hardwood floor upgrade

Thanks to the wooden floor, there is no room left for worries. As the name implies, parquet floors use a range of cutting edge techniques that greatly enhance the stability and beauty of wood floors. The cross-layering coating used in this technical process distinguishes this tailor-made wooden floor from the traditional ones.

Unlike traditional hardwood floors, the engineered type offers countless benefits that certify it for use in all types of applications. There is certainly no reason to doubt or label these words as mere hype, as the results have been confirmed by those who have performed successful installations.

Suitable for extreme conditions

The floor covering is made of wood-based materials, which were produced by strongly bonded layers. The top layer is carefully selected hardwood, which gives beauty through its natural properties. Below the uppermost layer is the high-density fiberboard, which gives the floor incomparable stability and strength compared to traditional wood floors.

This layer gives these wooden floors the resistance to temperature and humidity fluctuations. This same layer makes the floors suitable for any type of condition, including places with high moisture susceptibility.

Meets all the preferences of wooden floors

Everyone loves the warmth, excellence and longevity of the wood floors, but the multi-layered floors combine these features to give homeowners far more benefits. Constructed floors have a stunning beauty, great warmth due to their ability to store heat and, above all, are long lasting. The floors can last as long as the solid wood floors and can be reworked just like their counterparts.

Offers a wide selection

An unsurpassed feature offered by these floors is the wide range of stunning colors, woods, finishes and, above all, texture. Everyone has their preferences on their soils and these soils are made taking these considerations into consideration. After installation, the floors look just like the solid wood floors.

Choose your own installation method

The floor also offers a number of laying methods that depend on the selected type. They can be glued, swum or stapled. If you are looking for something that is easier to install, floating types are certainly the best. These and many other reasons convince everyone to choose the parquet floor over the traditional solid wood floor.