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In most homes, carpets are needed to complement furniture, walls, screens, and basically the home itself. Over the years, the carpet industry has only grown. At first, these carpets were expensive, but with the advent of machinery and synthetic materials, prices have fallen, and we see that the carpets are used quite frequently. One of the most common carpets is the indoor outdoor carpet. The name itself gives it the advantage that it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Here is a direct guide to choosing the right indoor-outdoor rug based on the different material types.

Handmade -

From the name itself we learn that these carpets are woven by hand. They are also referred to as hand-hooked. Here we could find them in different patterns where they are in the form of loops or scissors. Some of the key benefits of handmade indoor and outdoor carpets are the great work of art, the choice of a wide range of colors and the individual adaptation to your preferences. They can also be woven with a variety of natural fibers like wool, cotton etc. or synthetic fibers like nylon etc.

It is necessary to select the right material as the synthetic fibers are better suited for outdoor use as they accumulate less dirt, do not absorb liquid, are dirt repellent, mold and moss resistant. With natural fibers, it would be ideal to use them as interior carpets. One of the biggest drawbacks of handmade indoor-outdoor rugs is the higher price. It also depends on the adjustment, the more the adjustment, the higher the price. For example, a 8 x 10 rug may easily cost between $ 270 and $ 1,000 or more, depending on how detailed the design is.

Machine Weaved -

With the advent of machinery, the carpet industry has seen a huge boost in production and speed. The machines help create great patterns for the carpets, as they can be easily sewn together from a variety of yarns, including different colors and materials. The result is a beautifully sewn pattern designed for the outdoor carpet. The main advantage of machine-woven carpets is the strong price reduction compared to man-made carpets. For example, an 8x10 carpet can cost anywhere from $ 55 to a maximum of $ 800 to $ 900. The main disadvantage is obvious, it is not tailored to the preferences of the users. You have to be satisfied with what the industry offers.

Braided carpets -

These types of indoor-outdoor rugs are mainly made of synthetic fibers, mainly polypropylene. They are known for a typical style in which these yarns are sewn together and form braids. There are also different types of braids, but the main difference lies only in the feel of the carpet. The main advantage here is that the use of synthetic fibers such as polypropylene facilitates care and has the typical properties of dirt, stains and moss. This makes it a suitable candidate for both outdoor and indoor use. Aside from that, it also has the advantage of being cheaper than man-made carpets and comparable to machine-woven carpets.

The indoor-outdoor rugs are a great addition to any home or apartment, as their bold patterns illuminate every home and are great for outdoor living.