One of our most popular styles, Kaleen’s Peter Island Stripe! An excellent wool …

One of our most popular styles, Kaleen’s Peter Island Stripe! An excellent wool flatweave that is a very durable product with some cutting edge herringbone design mixed in! Looks great in any setting!

Carpet stairs give the house heat and surface, and can also help control excitement and crash aversion. Today's mortgage holders can choose between completely covered stairs, where the carpet covers the entire staircase, or between runners that cover only a portion of the stairs and leave the edges exposed to expose the surface of the staircase.

Condition Matters

First, consider the condition of your current staircase when selecting full cladding and stair runners. Builders with finished hardwood stairs can introduce skids, which makes the excellent quality of the hardwood visible at the edges of the stairs. In some examples, staircases made of plywood or other non-hardwood materials could be developed, creating a terrible surface that can affect the presence of your home. In this situation, your only alternative is to introduce hardwood first, before stair runners are introduced, or basically cover the entire staircase with a cover to hide the unfinished surface underneath.

Consider costs and effort

This old house generally calls the introduction of stair climbers a simple undertaking that does not require any help from anyone. The introduction of floor coverings across the entire width of the stairwell is much more extensive and requires the ability to precisely cover the carpet at each edge and to achieve a uniform finish. Runners also cost less than full covering due to their generally limited size.


While both runners and carpet staircases can avoid the risk of slipping and falling if correctly installed, less risks are expected in the long term for fully covered stairs. Full coverage extends from one edge of the staircase to the next and generally presents little risk of tripping. The edge of a carpet runner is much closer to the type of travel and, in the event that it turns out to be free or frayed after some time, can be a threat to the trip.

Appearance and decor

Deciding between fully covered stairs and stair climbers can dramatically affect the look of your home. To reinforce the stylish claim, consider the other floor in your home as complete to help you choose between these two alternatives. In the event that you now have hardwood at the top and bottom of the stairs, a fully covered staircase might look weird. In homes with hardwood on one side of the stairs and flooring on the other, one of the two alternatives is used as a successful movement between the two materials.