Montserrat Meigs Light Blue/Gold Area Rug

Montserrat Meigs Hand-Woven Light Blue/Gold Area Rug

It is quite easy to clean and care for natural fiber rugs because dirt does not adhere to the hard fibers. It is hit in the tissues. Seagrass carpets have reed-like fibers that are naturally waxed. This wax does not allow staining and staining. Maintenance of seagrass carpet Regular vacuuming is the best thing you can do to keep your seagrass carpet fresh and clean. Visible loose dirt must be extracted using a suction vacuum supplied with a strong brush. Although it is not necessary to vacuum often, it is advisable to vacuum the seagrass carpet regularly, as this would extend the life of the carpet. This would also prevent the accumulation of dirt in the carpet and also remove the stains caused by the spilling of liquids. Never shampoo wet or opt for steam cleaning your seagrass carpet. This can damage the natural fibers. total cleaning Cleaning seagrass carpets is easy. These usually do not even need normal vacuuming. Be sure to adjust the moisture content during the cleaning process while cleaning the seagrass carpet. When cleaning seagrass carpets, dry cleaning is recommended. Cleaning spilled or fresh stains Remove spills immediately with blotting paper. Make sure you do not rub the spilled liquids. You can even use a white cloth to scrape off the solids using a nail file or a blunt knife. The rubbing of spills can cause the fluid to penetrate deeper into the fibers, resulting in more stains. Rubbing can also spread the liquid over a larger area. To remove stains due to tomato sauce and red wine, moisten a white cloth with soda to remove any stains and neutralize spills. If this does not work, try a damp cloth with mild soap. You must immediately dry the area with a fan or a hairdryer. Special care should be taken when vacuuming tied carpets. You should not leave the vacuum on the corner of the carpet or on top of the binding. You must always suck in the direction of the sewing pattern of the binding.