Moderne Teppiche verleihen dem Außenbereich einen coolen Look – Luna White

Moderne Teppiche verleihen dem Außenbereich einen coolen Look – Luna White – #Außenbereich #coolen #dem #einen #Luna

The surface carpet is best for living room, dining room and bedroom. These rugs add to the beauty of the place where they are located and add to the elegance of the furniture that is kept there. There are several styles in the field of carpet. From the texture to the comfort, the carpets are stylish and the best source for the decoration of living spaces. There is a large selection of luxury rugs and the following basic types: Hand knotted carpet Hand tufted / hand hooked Flatwoven handwoven - Power distinguished itself Apart from the different types of surface carpet, the outstanding designs of surface carpet are as follows: CONTEMPORARY CARPET: This modern style consists of fibers that are made of either jute, sisal or bast. The texture of luxury rugs is usually made from the fibers of the dried leaves of various tropical plants. This type of surface carpet is quite expensive and gives the house a luxurious look. Flachwebteppich: This type of surface carpet is made of flat woven fabric and is considered the best carpet for the crowded room. This type of luxury rug is inherently tough and decorated with bright colors and attractive patterns. SHEEP SKIN MADE: This ultra-luxurious rug is made from sheepskin that gives the room an ultra-soft texture. These are handmade and are made of 100% fur hair. It is recommended that you do not chemically clean this sheepskin carpet, as harsh chemicals will fade the colors and remove the softness of the carpet HIDE LUXURY STYLE: These types of rugs, also known as Brasada Hair Rugs, are available in dark tones of black, ivory or chocolate. These are designed with attractive geometric patterns. The fascinating colors and stunning patterns create an exquisite impression on the room. For a softer touch, it is recommended to use a carpet pad. EASY CARE LUXURY CARPETS: They are designed as inspiration of the Persian motif style. These rugs are beautifully printed and modern. These are finely cross-woven in heirloom style and are made with a colon weave method. For a better cleaning a professional cleaner is recommended. These luxurious rugs are best for living rooms or living rooms.