Mary Poppins Style Large Custom Carpet Bag / Travel Bag

Mary Poppins Style Large Custom Carpet Bag by BitsandPurses

Carpets have become an indispensable home accessory. Long gone are the days when carpets played no major role in home decor. Carpets have been in flight for centuries. We all know the history of Persian carpets, right?

At that time, the carpets were used for their basic purpose of covering the floor. Already one hundred years ago, carpets were said to have been part of nomads who used them as part of their journey to rest.

It is often difficult to choose a carpet for your home. You really can not choose between all these possibilities. However, we will give you a quick earmark recommendation for buying the rug next time. Always choose custom made carpets. Need reasons for that, here you go.

The basic function

First of all, why buy a rug? Obviously, to provide protection and give the room a little shine.

Carpets provide additional cushioning to the floor and protect against the cold that can penetrate from the ground below. Remember the cold winter that seeps in on the floor.

Carpets are heat resistant and cover colds well.

Selection of texture and pattern

Carpets are available in many variants. They range from one texture and pattern to another. But sometimes we do not find the carpet with the right pattern and texture.

The right choice would be to look for customization because it offers the flexibility to choose the texture and pattern that suits your needs.

Fits your budget

Sometimes the beautiful piece of carpet you want falls out of your reach. It happens frequently with us.

All you have left is a compromised piece of carpet. Why fall for such tricks when you can buy a custom-made rug that resembles the same piece at your price points.

Custom carpets allow you to buy a rug with any texture, pattern and material within your budget range. That would be very nice.

color combinations

Maybe you like certain colors. However, it is quite difficult to find the right carpet with the same color as you.

Even if you find one, you may not like the other features of the rug. So what can you do to get a nice rug in the desired color combination?

Adaptation can be your answer. Custom carpet allows the color combinations according to the user's requirements.