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Harlequin Wollteppich Floreale Pink 170×240 cm – Naturfaserteppich aus Wolle HarlequinHarlequin

Small carpets give the interior of the house as well as in the offices a fancy look. When we have small people around our house, it is a known fact that we select decoration items that endure the chaos. Small carpets can be used under the tables or to land the little ones in the house. They are an inadvertent target of dirt and spills, but they also give the little ones a soft place to rest. Toddlers can also use small rugs for sleeping. If you are looking for a rug for your family home, you may want to consider more than just size and color. This is one of the best carpets that can be used in residential buildings. fire Resistant Small carpets are fireproof and this is one of the biggest advantages of carpets. Provided that a fire is not chemically triggered, carpets are fire resistant because each fiber has a high protein and water content. The solid carpet layer protects against fire and extinguishes itself when it ignites. It is not easy to melt when it is burning in the house. When it burns in the house, there is no smoke and no toxic gases. Unlike fire, these have many qualities that distinguish them from others. Robust and springy Small carpets are extremely sturdy, and even if they are put under the furniture of the house for a long time, they will bounce back, even if they are put under furniture for a long time. This feature of reclaiming attracts many people who prefer small rugs because they can protect both their little ones and their pets. Of course, hygienic The outer layer of rugs catches dirt, germs and bacteria within the carpet and outside the breathing space. If you have infants, children, family members, the elderly, or asthmatics, or if you suffer from other dirt allergies and infections, small carpets are usually preferred because they keep your air naturally clean, compared to traditional carpets. These are also very easy to clean or vacuum and release dirt and grime when they are cleaned more. In other words, these are health-friendly, user-friendly and time-saving