Kinderzimmer – Schreibtisch Benjamin 29, Farbe: Buche / Olive – 76 x 125 x 60 cm (H x B x T) Steiner

Schreibtisch 28, Farbe: Esche / Weiß – Abmessungen: 74 x 125 x 60 cm (H x B x T) Steinersteiner


Hardwood floors are made of chunks of wood, especially wood, and can be used for both air conditioning and decorative purposes. Hand-scraped hardwood floors provide a unique opportunity to incorporate both beauty and an aging touch, giving every visitor in your home a sense of awe and beauty that is rarely seen.

The flooring is usually delivered pre-assembled and only needs to be laid by you. The wood is particularly beautiful and gives the house an old look, so that the ambience gets a timeless and romantic hue compared to other types of parquet.


The installation process is straightforward if you know the basic strategy. What you need are the right tools for the job and you can apply some basic knowledge to build the house. You either need a vapor-proof concrete floor or an existing wooden floor on which you can apply the boards. Under these circumstances, you will need to level and correct the differences in height and irregularities in the ground so that you can better lay out your hardwood floor.

The parquet floor is more resistant to moisture and changes caused by temperature and environmental influences. If you choose him, you should be able to handle it more easily. You need to measure the dimensions of the rooms, then order the wood and start laying your hand-scraped hardwood floor using a nailer that does the work and does it all for you. Then you just have to pay attention to the ground and not pollute it too much or spill liquids on it.


When laying hand-scraped hardwood floors, some precautions must be taken. First, the floor must be level and regular, so that no problems occur when laying the floor itself. Once installed, care must be taken to ensure that the wood itself is not damaged. As by liquids that can remove the paint and damage the wood fibers. These soiling must be removed as quickly as possible with a damp cloth. Do not use water to clean these floors, as this will damage the panels and cost you money.