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Choosing a rug for any part of your home is difficult, but it becomes harder to choose a rug for the nursery. You have to make sure that the carpet is not only attractive, but functional as well and fits the needs of your nursery. Some questions, how does the room get a lot of foot traffic? Do pets enter the room? etc. can narrow down the selection and make the process a little easier for you.

To help you find carpets for children, we've created a small but useful guide to things to keep in mind when buying a kids rug. So let's start!


The first thing you need to consider is pedestrian traffic. In addition to the child who runs all day through the room, the number of family members who visit the room is also important. When the room is heavily frequented, a low pile nursery rug will provide the required durability. They have small loops that have no pedestrian or vacuum markings. On the other hand, you can opt for deep pile carpets when the room is not busy. They offer better cushioning and are an excellent choice for nursery rooms.


Whether you are looking for a low or high pile nursery rug, both types of rugs come in many different shapes. From the traditional forms, square, circle and rectangle to modern forms such as ball, butterfly, car and animal. In addition, there are also puzzle rugs with which the children can play.


Kids love everything with their favorite cartoon character or superhero. The carpets with these cute images are not only loved by children, but also help to enhance the appearance of the room. You can also buy children's rugs with clocks, numbers or letters to help children learn.


One of the most important factors in choosing a kids rug is the safety the rug offers. It should have a solid foundation and not move when someone walks on it. Without proper support, your child may slip and hurt themselves. Opt for a high-quality carpet that is durable and visually appealing.

If you are not sure whether to buy a rug for your nursery, remember the factors mentioned above. So you can make a smart decision without spending a lot of time.