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I was looking for a high quality runners carpets for my new home. runners carpets are an efficient way to beautify the floors and give the whole atmosphere a vivid feel. A beautiful runner carpet will not only electrify the aesthetics, but also serve many purposes. Below are some stylish uses of runner carpets.

For stairs

If you have small babies who learn early on how to put runner carpets on foot, you will get good upholstery of the stairs and an injury pad if they fall down stairs. They also give stairs a completely different appearance and an exotic look.


If you plan to create a wow factor for your corridors, the punch factor may be a good multi-colored runner. Normally, corridors are supplied with down-facing lighting, so that the feel of a runner carpet is enhanced by the large number of these lights. These carpets also give your hallway shine when it comes with low windows. The sunlight during the daytime will increase the glory of the corridors.

Other uses

A good runner carpet can be placed next to the bed so you can feel the warmth and comfort when leaving the bed. Fireplaces, corridors, library passageways and main entrances can be another place for carpets. You can maneuver your floor with different colors and sizes. Always make sure to use suitable sizes for your carpet.

Too big a rug looks like a rug and too small a rug looks like a small towel. These Rugs Carpets allow you to create different topics in your area. To create a transition effect, you can place a carpet with a criss-cross pattern on the floor, which complements the hard wood floor and the neutral floor. For a modern look, white, black and red motifs with beautifying probes should be used. Just as contemporary can be proceeded by the use of contemporary shades.

Since the corridors are usually equipped with pretty tables for setting up lamps, telephones or vases, you can create a contrast here. You can also use a runner carpet to create a tempting contrast to wall paints, floor paints and lighting. Make sure, however, that the carpet is equally spaced on all sides. It's a good idea to leave around 20 to 30 cm between walls and carpet. However, depending on the width of the area, this distance can be stretched or minimized.