Jaipur Living Culebra Hand-Tufted Birch/Arctic Area Rug

Jaipur Living Culebra Hand-Tufted Birch/Arctic Area Rug

Stone or wood floors can look absolutely glamorous in a bedroom, but sometimes it's more stylish and comfortable to soften things with beautifully placed carpets from tropical areas. These are large carpets that have a large volume to relax or relax and also fit under the furniture feet due to their size.

They give your room a feeling of warmth, which is very important in winter, and help protect your floor. Rugs for tropical areas come in a huge selection of colors, sizes and styles. So if you want to put some warmth fibers under your feet, here are some helpful ideas.

Which materials are best?

It is recommended not to be careless when buying a rug for tropical areas, as natural fibers of the highest quality such as silk and wool tend to be more expensive. Other natural fibers such as sisal, grass or jute may cost less, but will not last long. Another quality to watch out for is how easy it can be to clean the materials, especially if you have pets. If you are not sure how much you want to spend on a new carpet, you can look at the cost of other pieces of furniture in your room and look for carpets that are available at similar prices.

Which carpet size should I buy?

It is recommended to choose carpets that are 2 feet lower than the lowest wall in the room where they are likely to be placed. For example, if your room is 1 meter by 2 meters tall, you should buy carpets that are no longer than 2 meters.
It may happen that this rule does not work under certain circumstances, eg. B. in a surface carpet in a large living or dining room. For a dining room, look for a surface carpet that extends at least 30 cm beyond the edge of the table, so that the dining chairs fit perfectly on the table top.

Carpets in the living room should be used to characterize conversation areas and should be large enough so that the front of each piece of furniture is on the carpet. If your living room is big enough to store more than one conversation area, you can buy two or more carpets.