I know this is a shock if you follow my home account but like all big design com…

I know this is a shock if you follow my home account but like all big design components, I want my area rugs to be neutral. I once…

The neutral shades include white, ivory, beige, gray and creamy whites. A neutral theme gives the room a bright appearance. Neutral colors are great light reflectors and can therefore very well open spaces and dark, narrow spaces. Neutral colors can be integrated into any accessory to create the warmth and inviting function.

Neutral carpets

The freedom to maneuver on the neutral pallet offers you enormous possibilities. Neutral carpets can turn your floors into a versatile piece of aesthetics. Neutral carpets are really good in any kind of topic supplement. Contemporary, rural, modern, traditional and transitional themes can be well established with neutral rugs. If you invest in high quality imported neutral carpets, trust me to invest in sound investments. You can play with colors in other accessories and fixtures and you'll be amazed that neutral rugs complement every tone.

You can place rugs in different sizes and shapes. The designers, however, suggest that they stay the same distance from each other. The distance between wall and carpet should be at least 6 inches and not more than 2 feet. Your carpet should cover at least the front furniture legs. The shape of the carpet can also support the visual dimension of your room. Adding a curvy rug is also suitable for smaller rooms. The neutrality of the sound also extends further into the room. If you place transparent glass furniture on a neutral carpet, the combination becomes a wow factor for your entire living space.

Neutral wall colors

Neutral wall paints enrich living areas with a lot of purity and serenity, but this theme can be subtle and boring for fun-loving people and teenagers. You can keep a neutral color palette, but an imagined wall with texture or accent walls can be introduced. Keep all the walls in a low shade, but spraying a wall with vivid colors not only enhances the ambiance, but also gives the place its vibrancy and charm.

Neutral curtains

Dressing windows with neutral curtains allows enough sunshine. However, you can electrify neutral curtains by hanging some contrasting shadow curtains on them. Adding embellishments with different sparkling colors enhances glamor in a variety of ways. Although neutral colors are the epitome and the symbol of sophistication, a little color can highlight the sparkling effect of decency. Adding long curtains from the ceiling to the floor is another technique to give the room an elongated view.