Hand-Knotted Red Area Rug

Hand-Knotted Red Area Rug | Oriental Weavings in 2019 | Pinterest | Rugs, Area rugs and Iranian rugs Hand-Knotted Red Area Rug | Oriental Weavings in 2019 | Pinterest | Rugs, Area rugs and Iranian rugs

Iranian carpets, also called Persian carpets, are one of the oldest oriental rugs. In line with several collectors, these rugs are the best oriental rugs in the world. Iranian carpets give each area a real class and are characterized by their unmistakable hand-knotted character compared to machine-made carpets.

Never leave the trend

Unlike many recurring styles, Iranian rugs never go out of style and trend. Invest in an old urban center or Zieglar flooring and do not worry about being in fashion or not. Ancient oriental rugs are characterized by classic styles and colors that have been praised for hundreds of years and are currently out of fashion.


There is a reason why societies around the world have valued Iranian rugs for hundreds of years - it's the result of their high-quality character that turns them into high quality, robust smarts.

An oriental floor covering becomes more and more expensive over time. Some are competent generations and also have a high sentimental price. Because oriental rugs are woven from robust fibers (usually made from high-quality natural wool) and made by hand, they withstand years of regular wear and tear. Hand-knotted Iranian rugs are the toughest rugs you can own. Since they contain no glue or glue, they do not rot like machine-made carpets (which normally last 3 to 10 years). Each hand-knotted wool or silk strand is wrapped around a neighboring knot and secured with its own knot. These rugs last for decades, much traffic and are similar to those that brought you home.

Ecologically friendly

Iranian carpets are safer and more environmentally friendly compared to manmade and other machine-made carpets. Oriental rugs are made from natural materials and natural dyes, which means they produce no toxins and fewer allergens. While some machine-made carpets are extremely flammable, wool carpets from the Orient are not flammable.

Nice for the home environment

Iranian rugs adorn your home environment in a very beautiful way that attracts the attention of all your visitors. Since Iranian carpets, which are among the oldest carpets, were hand woven and carefully designed, they are much Byzantine and distinctive as artificial carpets. Several oriental rugs serve two aesthetic purposes: they set the "tone" of a distant space and deliver a beautiful performance once they are locked. A high quality oriental decor is a kind of artwork; Show it in a room and it will capture the eyes and the focus of your audience.