Grand Oak Flooring – Eiche natur – 20 mm (6 mm Nutzschicht

Grand Oak Flooring – Eiche natur – 20 mm (6 mm Nutzschicht)

Even if you are extra careful, it is inevitable that scratches will accumulate on your oak floors. These scratches can be caused by pets moving among other things furniture. It is therefore important to know how to care for scratches on the oak floor, hiding and repairing them when they occur, and to note that there are various ways to repair various types of scratches.

Repair flat scratches

Minor scratches on your oak floor can be repaired by sanding. Follow these steps and your floor will sparkle when you are done with the whole process.

  • Clean the scratched area of ​​the floor with a hardwood floor cleaner and a soft cloth to remove any residue
  • Clean the scratched area with water and a garbage bag. This will remove hardwood cleaners and sanitize the area, making work easier.
  • Using a fine steel wool, gently rub the scratched area on the floor until it fuses with the entire surface
  • Carefully rub a wax pencil to fill the sanded area and then let it dry for a few minutes. Finally, polish the scratch to remove excess wood wax and help restore the floor to its original appearance.

Eliminate superficial scratches

Superficial scratches on the oak floor can be fixed first; Clean and rinse the scratched area with hardwood cleaner, clean water and microfibre cloths. Allow the scratched area to dry before proceeding to the next step. Using a small brush with a pointed surface, apply a thin layer of protective varnish to the scratched area. Allow the floor area to dry before applying the final sealer to completely remove the scratch.

Repair of cracks and deep scratches

Cleaning and rinsing the furrows and deep scratches is very important as it ensures that your work area is free of dirt and debris. It is also important to let the scratched area dry. If the oak floor is coated, make sure it is removed with white spirit before you repair the scratch.

Fill the floor with the right wood spatula. Spread the spatula in all directions, being careful to remove any air bubbles. Before drying the wood filler remove the excess filling with a spatula and then give the remaining time for complete drying. Finally apply a seal of your choice on the patched surface and give it time to dry.