Fun Rugs Lavender Kid’s Purple Area Rug

Fun Rugs Lavender Kid’s Purple Area Rug

Colors play a role in our everyday life. In many cultures that study astrology and believe in auras, it is common practice to select certain colors to achieve the desired goals. If you are a spiritual person and you want to increase your personality, you can achieve the desired results by introducing the purple color.

Purple curtains, purple carpets and walls with violet elements can be used to create a supernatural aura. Purple is indeed the color of strength. It has the strongest wavelength among the rainbow colors. Purple color is very rare in nature. In prehistoric times, it was used to worship the clothes of emperors and rulers. Purple color is an epitome of mysticism, royalties, strength, novelty, magic and spirituality.

Carpets shapes

When designing carpets, carpet size plays an important role. Inappropriate sizes can cause immense style and aesthetics errors. Keeping balance is a key. Too small a carpet for a large area and too large a carpet for a small area can ruin the beauty of your place. It is recommended by interior designers to leave at least 6 inches between wall and carpets, but this distance should not exceed two feet. For their common living spaces, such as dining rooms and corridors, rectangular or square rugs provide symmetry by leaving equal distances on all sides.

If you plan to give curves to your area, make sure that the carpet runs underneath the legs of the furniture. The width of the rugs should ideally be comparable to the door width. Mismatched dimensions would definitely affect the charm. Try to use the shapes of carpets as probes to add specific dimensions to your place. In addition to carpet lighting, wall paints and curtains can also be integrated to create a desired theme. Vintage, Modern, Contemporary and Mosaic are different themes that are used today for both interior and exterior décor.

Purple carpets for bathrooms

Purple carpets can be a charming and unique addition to your bathroom. It gives your bathroom a blooming and flowering effect. Not only purple carpets enhance the charm and elegance of the environment, but the carefully selected piece of carpet can also be used for small washrooms to achieve greater impact. For example, placing a small rug with eye-catching patterns in bathroom floors will definitely improve the overall feeling it creates. Choosing curvy purple carpets would definitely create a wow factor.