Floor Goals {Parquet}

Parquet floor inspiration for a 1930s recently renovated house and tips and tricks on how to lay a herringbone floor yourself for Rock My Style DIY Week

Cutting of various wooden materials in wooden blocks and subsequent assembly in various shapes such as circle, triangular square. This process is known as parquet. It captures everyone's attention simply because of its unique appearance.

The reason why some people opt for parquet is that traditional wood floors are much more expensive, while parquet floors can be laid at a much cheaper price. There is no restriction on the type of wood from which parquet blocks may be made. It can vary from bamboo to oak. For parquet floors, each tile / block feels different and has a separate texture, feel and design. That is something unique.


Now that we know what parquet is, let's take a look at the main benefits of parquet:

-The main advantage over other floors is that it is super cheap and almost anyone can afford it. What's even bigger is that these tiles look expensive for a beginner.

- It is very easy to remove the dirt or stains from the parquet floors as it will not pick up any dirt or stains and a simple broom or wipe should do the trick.

- Parquet floors are known for their longevity and last a long, maximum of fifty years! This is because they have a strong scratch resistance and are not affected by daily wear.


So far, we have only looked at the benefits of parquet and completely ignored its disadvantages. Let's take a look at the main drawbacks of having or installing a parquet:

- A big disadvantage of parquet floors is that they must be protected from constant sunlight. This leads to the loss of gloss and scratches.

- Although it has a long life, this is only possible if you regrind it regularly and close it again, because the floor otherwise does not look as attractive as before and has a damaged, worn appearance.

In conclusion, I would say that you choose parquet if you are looking for something unique and attractive for your home that immediately attracts the attention of everyone on a limited budget.