Fliesen In Holzoptik Eiche – Fliesen : House und Dekor Galerie #elkGA9J1a7

Fliesen In Holzoptik Eiche – Fliesen : House und Dekor Galerie #elkGA9J1a7

Solid wood floors are known for their endurance, strength and aesthetics. It is a common choice for most modern households and corporate offices. They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as educational institutions, industrial offices and shopping centers.

General types:

Hardwood floors: Historically, solid wood floors are classified as hardwood and solid wood. Solid woods are known for their supporting role in building construction. These soils are the same in all countries, especially in England, the specific part of Canada and in European countries. Only a few houses have hardwood floors that are several hundred years old.

Solid wood: This is different from hardwood due to its dryness and cuts. They are cut into different shapes to fit inside the house. Historically, they cut into horizontal, quarter and seven-sawn cuts. Maintaining the moisture level is crucial to the durability of these hardwood floors. They either transport finished or on-site to households with interior furnishings. The total thickness is 19mm.

Key Benefits:

Modern floor coverings have to be replaced at regular intervals. For example, luxurious and expensive carpets have a maximum life of 5 years due to scratches and holes. However, solid wood floors offer you a service life of more than 10 years with minimal maintenance.

For cleaning you only need a brush to clean the solid wood floors. The cleaning process is easier than with other modern floors. For example, dogs or children mud easily wiped away. Certain reports indicate that children are allergic to invisible synthetic tiny particles. For example, carpets are known to cause allergies in children and the elderly. In addition, solid wood floors are free from unpleasant odors. Well polished wood floors are the treat to make the rooms more energetic.

Hardwood floors are evergreen materials in the interior. It will take more than a hundred years and compete with all future flooring. In fact, wood is becoming one of the most sophisticated interior materials. Solid floors are suitable for underfloor heating.

The latest advances in interior design have created affordable hardwood floors that are suitable for every budget. In addition, solid wood floors have a more than twice the resale value as fresh material. Solid wood floors are a real investment. All in all, solid wood floors are the only investment that lasts longer than any other material. In the long term, they are cheap and economical.