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It's very difficult to find the cheapest rug anywhere, as the cost and cost of installing the rug can vary greatly depending on the location. It's all about the quality and style of the rug you choose.

This article will provide you with a cost comparison between different states and countries that may help you find the cheapest rug.

In some parts of the US, the actual carpet installation fees may vary depending on the power supply in your area.

In the southern states, prices for carpet installations are lower than in the northern states. For example, in Florida, Miami, you can install your carpet for less than $ 2 a yard by looking at the service list of local newspapers. Your responsibility is to make sure your carpet installer is qualified.

Florida, New Mexico, Texas, and Southern California are some of the cheapest carpet installation costs. Southern states such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Southern Arizona and Arkansas also have less expensive carpet installation and labor costs. The cost is likely to vary between $ 2.25 per yard and $ 4.50 per yard, depending on the carpet selected and the difficulty level of the job.

The most expensive carpet installation costs occur in the northeastern states, which include Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Virginia, as well as the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. The cost is likely to be between $ 3.50 / medium heavy plush carpet and $ 6.50 / heavy berber loop carpet.

Prices for quality carpets:

Good (rougher surface feel): 1.00 to 5.00 m².

Better (soft and comfortable feeling): 4.00 to 8.40 m².

Best (Luxury Feeling): $ 7.80 to $ 16 + sq ft.

Price of carpet upholstery:

The average upholstery cost for carpets is between $ 0.25 and $ 1.10. Factors such as density and thickness of your pillow, moisture barrier and antibacterial protection can affect the price.

Carpet installation costs:

This depends on the complexity of the job.

Total price for the purchase and installation of a new carpet:

Total costs include upholstery, delivery costs and excess carpet to cover future repairs and waste, supplies and equipment.

For 1000 m², the total cost of buying and installing a new carpet is:

Good - carpet cost: $ 2,400, installation cost: $ 1,280, total cost: $ 3,650

Better- Carpet costs: 5,100 USD, Installation costs: 1,700 USD, Total cost: 6,700 USD

Best cost for carpet: $ 3,650, installation cost: $ 2,250, total cost: $ 11,650