Farmhouse White Laminate Flooring Farmhouse White Laminate Flooring Anett Save I…

Farmhouse White Laminate Flooring Farmhouse White Laminate Flooring Anett Save Images Anett The White Oak Laminate Flooring from the Kronotex Farmhouse range translates the light neutral flooring trend into a gorgeous design Made from premium quality materials with an 8mm thickness the floor will handle the pressures of a fast-paced room beautifully maintaining its good looks intact for #farmhouse

Laminate is a modernized flooring. It is a new trend in floor styles that gives the floor a wood look and a shiny finish. High-quality laminate floors are highly appreciated in the interior of houses. A laminate floor provides an elegant appearance and stands out from other types of soil due to its replication characteristics.

The choice of colors for laminate flooring is as follows;

  • Wedge,
  • Walnut,
  • Oak,
  • Maple,
  • Dark wood etc.

Laminate floors are introduced in different versions. Some of them are:

This beautiful laminate style gives the room a natural rustic feel. Its special feature is the warm amber tone with embossed rustic sawed texture, which is provided with a shiny finish.

A very durable quality laminate floor, designed with the latest technology and having a protective function due to its tight connections. Additional quality of this laminate style is the noise reduction function due to the premium underpayment.

This is a new laminate floor style that creates the look of a handmade wood tile pattern with a soft blend of gray, creams and taupe tones. This laminate floor is easy to lay and also offers protective measures thanks to its tight snap joints.

This high quality laminate floor has a grain pattern with a silky smooth texture that gives this floor a subtle touch. This type features a 6-1 / 8 "wide plank design that looks just like a real eye-catching hardwood look.


Waterproof laminate floors are considered the best option for basement floors. This type of flooring is perfect for the basement, as it is easy to clean when leaking and prevents water from damaging the floor. The best tip for laying laminate flooring in the basement is laying a vapor barrier before laying the floor.


The selection of the appropriate color for high quality laminate flooring should be made taking into account the following considerations:

The size of the room plays an important role in choosing the color of your laminate floor. It is a fact that darker laminate tones such as walnut or oak give your spacious room a smaller visual impression. On the other hand, lighter or natural soil colors such as light oak, beige or maple open up the space in your room.

If your room does not have access to sunlight and leaves a darker impression, choose increasingly lighter laminate colors to enhance the brightness in your room.

Design your home with exotic laminate floors and enjoy the divine look of your home.