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There is no doubt that hardwood floors are extremely durable, giving your home that luxurious feel and look. In addition, they look very beautiful and emphasize the overall beauty of the house. Hardwood floors are expensive and not many people can afford it. Therefore, many opt for hardwood laminate flooring that is cheaper than wood and looks the same as wood. These floors are also easy to install and do not require professional service. In addition, they require less cleaning and thus help to make the hardwood laminate floors more economical. However, there are many deficiencies in laminate flooring, and in this article we will take a look at them. Disadvantage: The following are the disadvantages of a hardwood laminate floor: -First of all, laminate floors are completely unnatural. You'll feel it's artificial when you hear the sound they make when you walk on it. These floors make a hollow sound when someone steps on it; that makes it completely wrong. In addition, the material will feel unnatural when you feel it with your bare hands, and the illusion of reality will no longer exist. - There have been some concerns from environmentalists that the materials used in lamination can release hazardous chemicals that can affect indoor air and cause potential health problems. - A major disadvantage of laminate flooring is that you can not rework it. If the floor is worn or there are scratches on the surface, the entire surface must be replaced. This can be costly for some, sometimes even more expensive than hardwood floors. - Another major concern about hardwood laminate floors is that they are not as durable and no longer hold. This is due to the inferior quality and material that causes floors to get scratches and wear out everyday wear. Have to know I have mentioned the major disadvantages or deficiencies associated with laying a hardwood laminate floor. However, its affordability makes it a popular flooring for middle-class families working on a fixed budget. However, if your budget is not an issue, it is recommended that you choose genuine hardwood floors because they have a long life and are completely natural.