FANMATS NCAA Kennesaw State University Gold 3 ft. x 6 ft. Basketball Runner Rug


A nylon carpet is one of the best-selling carpets for private and commercial use. The rugs are made of nylon, which is durable, stain-resistant and easy to wash or clean. It is durable because of the strength and toughness of the material. Nylon rugs, however, crush or shred like the other rugs made of different materials. The only great feature of nylon is its resistance to stains and dirt. Above the nylon carpet is a fiber that absorbs liquids and dirt and makes them dirt and liquid resistant.


However, one of the disadvantages of using nylon in the manufacture of carpets is the synthetic material, which is similar to plastic and is said to be detrimental. When choosing the carpets, the price should be considered. Of course, if the carpet is overvalued, it should not be preferred. Since nylon carpets are synthetic and damage the environment, you can always choose eco-friendly carpets that will not harm the environment. Nylon carpets are extremely durable due to their strength.


These carpets are also available in different designs, patterns and colors. Some of the designs are so trendy and unique that individuals prefer to install them in their living spaces for a contemporary look. When blended with basic colors, these carpets give a contemporary as well as a traditional look, which of course is more preferred as it gives a touch of both styles. Some of the most common patterns and designs are geometric patterns such as circles and lines and abstract styling.


Soft nylon carpets are normal nylon carpets but with smaller diameter filaments. As the name implies, soft nylon carpets are extremely soft and that is the reason why these soft carpets have lower strength compared to normal nylon carpets. But they are also very comfortable and even dirt-repellent, which is very important.

Even these soft nylon rugs are available in amazing designs, which is a plus as they are also very comfortable. Most people prefer soft nylon rugs instead of regular nylon rugs because these soft rugs are comfortable to wear. The only problem with soft nylon carpets, however, is that they are not durable because the material of which they are made is very soft.