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Patterned rugs can effectively enhance the decor and style of any room, especially when the furniture and other art objects are neutral. Special attention should be given to the selection of a patterned carpet for many reasons. A carpet can hide stains, dirt or bumps on the surface. Carpet patterns, whether geometric, floral or checkered, add character and detail to the overall design of a room.

Selection of patterned rugs

Patterned carpets are back in fashion, ranging from traditional to modern, creating a true legacy. These rugs are best for the living room, dining room, stairs and the kitchen or for any room in the house. Rugs with a variety of patterns are available in different styles, colors and materials.

Striped and checkered rugs are trendy and give a room an ultra modern look. Whether you prefer floral patterns or bold, large patterns or a simple, textured design, just choose from the wide selection. Durable carpets are made by placing the yarn in the back and cutting to the desired length to create a U-shaped tuft. Thick tufts enable the production of complicated patterns.

Material for patterned carpets

Woven carpets are usually made from natural fibers such as jute, sisal or pure wool or wool blended with another fabric containing at least 70% wool. Other fibers may be nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Stylish and durable carpets are also made with a combination of wool and synthetic fibers. In the long run, wool is the best choice for a patterned rug.

Choosing the right carpet for your room

Some carpet patterns complement the furniture styles. Art Deco styles need a geometric pattern, while a traditional room needs a classic and decorative pattern. The antique oriental and European carpet patterns are perfect for living rooms in a modern, contemporary home with antique style furniture. If your house has a predominantly light white background, you can choose a colorful, striped design as a runner at the entrance and on the stairs.

Geometric patterns also look good in the living room or on the stairs, adding color and design to a blunt background. Make sure that the design of carpet, walls and fabric do not compete with each other, but that they are matched for an elegant and refined ambience.

Patterned carpets combine a certain luxury with beauty for every style.