Destrie Hand-Braided Cotton Blue Area Rug

Destrie Hand-Braided Blue Area Rug

Carpets runners are versatile and varied, as they can be installed in corridors and stairs to protect your floor. They also contribute to creating a welcoming feel and are known as perfect sound absorbers. With these stylish and practical carpet runners, you can easily give your home an appealing color, texture and pattern.

Flora Area Rug Runner

This carpet runner is available in different colors, for example in navy blue, red and ivory. In addition, the surface has several floral patterns that allow you to choose a pattern that suits your home decor. Apart from its glamorous features, this rug is easy to clean. It can be washed either by hand or in the machine.

Emerald carpet runner

With this long, sophisticated rug, you can add more traction to your entrance hall and hallway. The carpet has been carefully designed and has oriental patterns and colors that give the traditional space a modern look. This rug is made of durable material, to be precise, fine fibers that are soft and comfortable for your bare feet and can also stand up to heavy traffic.

This rug is all about flair and charm. The intricate rims of the rug give your room an elegant and luxurious feel, while the long and narrow lenght gives your floor color and a beautiful texture.

Weaver hand spun carpet runner

This is a classic carpet that catches dirt and debris, preventing them from being tracked in other rooms. The hand-woven texture gives you a pleasant and soft feeling and is available in different colors and textures. So you can be sure that you will always receive a carpet that fits your home decor. The carpet can be installed either in the hall, in the door or in the kitchen and requires only a small amount of maintenance. In other words, it's one of the best runner carpets you can choose.

Careful runner carpet made of polypropylene

This rug has been appreciated for generations, mainly because of its timeless design. It has very soothing colors that make your home always beautiful. It is also a unique piece that always gives your room an exquisite look. It keeps a lot of traffic and can be washed either by hand or in the machine. You always get something that interests you as it is available in several colors.