Counters: the material is plastic laminate by Wilsonart and the color is carbon …

Counters: the material is plastic laminate by Wilsonart and the color is carbon mesh.

Plastic laminates are made using paper layers. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including both decorative and protective purposes. They are produced in an environmentally friendly way, which is also important.

Plastic laminates are available in many different versions. Some are more durable, while others are more decorative. You can choose between a glossy finish that looks very elegant or a matte finish that is used primarily for counters. Crystal, pearl and grainy textures are also available. The type of plastic laminate you use depends on the surface you use it for. Some uses of plastic laminates are:


Plastic laminates are a very popular choice when it comes to tabletops. They have generally been used to laminate kitchen tables and countertops. Easier to maintain and durable, they should be your main focus. Instead of spending more money on wood or marble, this is a more economical option. Plastic laminates can also be used to decorate the surface of desks or coffee tables. Available in any color and in a wide variety of designs, these laminates will allow you to design your desk to suit your needs.


Like table tops, cabinets can also be decorated with plastic laminates, which are mainly used for kitchen cabinets. There are different designs to choose from. Cabinets in hospital laboratories can be used to cover with plastic laminates. As there are different types of laminates, you should choose laminates with additional layers for laboratories as they are more durable and resistant.


Again an economical choice when it comes to flooring. Plastic laminates are esp. Particularly suitable for large commercial spaces. They are more resilient and do not wear out too soon. If the floor of your home can easily be spilled and soiled, plastic laminates are an excellent choice because they are dirt-repellent and you do not have to scour the floor all the time. Another advantage of plastic laminates is that you do not need a professional to install them for you. Installation is easy and you can do it all at home.


Plastic laminates are not normally used on walls, but are a good idea because they provide strength and durability and make your walls easier to clean.