Buying and Installing Solid Hardwood Floor,  #Buying #Floor #Hardwood #hardwoodFlooring #Inst…

Buying and Installing Solid Hardwood Floor, #Buying #Floor #Hardwood #hardwoodFlooring #Installing

If you choose flooring for the conversion of your home or for the construction of your new home, you must consider laying wooden floors. The laying is very important so that every floor covering will last a long time. If the installation is incorrect, the life of the floor will be compromised and additional maintenance costs will be incurred.


Modern homeowners prefer parquet because of their ease of installation. However, you should be careful during installation and know if the installation was performed properly. For a proper installation, you should verify that the following steps have been performed.

- underbody - When laying hard floors, always prepare the subfloor first. They insulate against moisture. It ensures that hard ground is tight and that the top layer withstands any kind of weight and pressure.

- Humidity - Check if the area has a lot of moisture. If there is a lot of moisture you need to choose the flooring that will withstand the moisture levels.

- spill-free - When the floor is in the bathroom or kitchen, be sure to choose laminate flooring, as even plastic floors can regularly resist the escape of liquids.

- Grind - You should know that after laying the floor, sanding must be done to smooth out the rough spots all over the floor.

When you have completed all of the above steps, you need to stain and finish the floor. It is a tedious task that requires a lot of detail planning and implementation. Until the flooring is finished, make sure that pets and children are out of the area so that the area is not confused.

DIY installation

The laying of parquet can be done by yourself, if you make a little effort, taking into account all the important factors to make a good planning. You should know the installation steps and know where to make mistakes. The nice thing is that laying wooden floors is easy and requires only a few steps that you can do yourself.

You should not underestimate the importance of proper installation. The durability and maintenance depend on the installation. If the installation is not efficient, this can lead to high maintenance costs. You can not change the floor often. Therefore, it is advisable to do well the first time.