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Designer rugs help to decorate the house to your liking and to give a warm feeling. Designer rugs vary in color, shape and material. It is important to choose a carpet according to the floor size and layout. Here are some things to consider before buying a design rug.

Quality of the carpet.

Designer carpets may look beautiful, but their quality may not be the best. Ask the shopkeeper for a STAINMASTER® carpet. STAINMASTER® is the name you should trust because it provides the best and highest quality carpet with guarantees. STAINMASTER® offers a three-part technology, namely the 6, 6-nylon technology, which prevents the carpet from being crushed and discolored. The DuPont Advanced TEFLON® Protectant technology helps to remove dirt more easily with a vacuum cleaner and to resist fluid absorption.

This technology last longer than any other carpet protection technology. Antistatic technology helps protect electronics. It protects the electronics from short circuits. Designer rugs are made from different materials such as polyester, polypropylene and nylon.


The density of the rug also plays a role in the purchase of a rug because it offers comfort to the feet. If the density of the rug is best, it is also the quality of the rug. Check the density of the carpet by folding in U-shape. If the carpet bends very little, it has a high density.

Color of the carpet

If the room is small, try carpeting in bright colors, as this will make the room look bigger, and dark colors for large rooms for the cozy effect. Try to buy the carpet that suits your room decoration. Make a note of the color of your sofa, curtains, and wallpapers to buy a carpet that matches the room color.


When you enter a carpet store, many manufacturer labels are presented to you. To eliminate the confusion, look for carpets where STAINMASTER® is specified. Carpets marked with STAINMASTER® are guaranteed to be the best in the range you want to buy.

Look at the lighting in the room.

If a room has a lot of sunlight, opt for a designer rug whose color is dark and whose sunlight helps enhance the color tones of the rug. If the rooms have minimal access to sunlight, use light carpets. You do not want a room to look much darker when you lay out a dark carpet.

Purchase a designer carpet

Buy the designer carpet of the highest quality with the money you can afford. Measure the size of the room and the layout and buy accordingly.