Bambus Seide Loom – Hell Natural Teppich 80×250 Moderner, Läufer Teppich RugvistaRugvista

Gewebter Teppich Gabiro in Rot/Violett ThekoTheko

The surface carpet is ideal for the start of furnishing. If you come across a designer, you will get many tips on different flooring. However, if you do not have any design knowledge, the brown carpet is a better way to create your own style. It's a basic color palette and goes well with all furniture and materials in the decor.

What is the right choice?

Do not stick to one size and decide on three to four sizes before making a final decision. Either you choose the modern and oriental style. The brown carpet sizes 8 * 10 are the perfect choice for rooms. Use two or three different color carpets in a large room for a more aesthetic look.

Brown carpet is a universal choice for the living room. It sends a signal to others that you are a friendly person and love to have others as a guest at home. The advantage of the brown surface carpet is the fact that it is available in light to dark tones. Due to variations, selecting a precise brown-tone carpet is a difficult task.

Different places:

dining room - Most people do not attach importance to the decoration of the dining room. People do not know what they are, it depends on what they eat. Therefore, the food should be taken in a quiet place. Add dark colors with a brown carpet to add more accents in the room. Especially modern colors such as aqua or lilac give the food a nice touch.

Bedroom - Everyone wants a romantic view of the bedroom. A brown carpet gives you that certain something that will inspire you for a romantic mood. These carpets leave the impression that you are waiting for your partner forever. You may either think that I need a single large brown area rug or several pieces depending on the level of comfort. A brown color goes well with yellow, gray or pink colors.

Living room - Invitations are so rare nowadays. When someone comes, he does not feel the warmth and welcome. However, using a brown carpet can change this. In addition, it is the strong sign of friendliness that you can show through the carpets. You need to use your imagination and creativity to select a rug as there are countless styles on the market.

If you are new to interior design, visit the internet to learn more about the brown carpet. Compare the price with different stores to get the best deal.