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So, here we are changing all our furniture and cabinets from wood stains to white, cream, gray, etc. But this client of mine, wanted his white entertainment built-in to match his kitchen’s black cherry wood. Hmm…how to go from white to a “stain” look? I went to home depot and found me a small cherry wood floor sample and studied it for a while. After analyzing the piece, I decided to paint the cabinets with a caramel color first so that when I add the burgundy on top, the caramel w…

The choice of the floor is an important decision when building a house. You need to understand the different flooring types, their pros and cons, etc., before you can choose the best option. The most important criteria for choosing a floor should be above all its durability, elegance, care and so on.

While there is wood, laminate, ceramics, stone and other options, cherry wood flooring is something special. It is something special for many reasons. Reason number one is the value of the investment. It is a good investment as it meets the key criteria of durability, elegance and easy maintenance.

Top reasons for cherry wood floors

Cherry wood floors are the toughest option for consumers. There are no cracks or gaps. It is easy to install and suitable for areas with low humidity. However, it is best to seek professional advice before installing it in the bathroom or kitchen.

It is desired by many people as it increases the value of the home. If you are planning to buy a house, choose a house with cherry wood flooring. They are very appealing and give the home elegance. It is also easy to maintain. You can only suck to keep this floor clean. To improve the shine, you can use wood cleaners from time to time. It does not collect dust like carpet.

How should I take care?

Maintaining the soil properly will last a lifetime without the need for maintenance. One of the best ways to take care of it is to keep it in the shade. It keeps the material shiny and does not fade or lose its color. Use blinds, filters and curtains to preserve the shade. However, if you do not keep the soil clean and dry, it will lose its lifespan faster, despite all the extra steps it takes to maintain the soil.

Possibilities for refinishing

To keep the floor elegant, you can regrind it with a drum or belt sander. You can then use vacuum and sandpaper and resend the nails and apply filler when you reset the nails. The best way to rework is to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. However, it is not often necessary for you to finish the flooring.

Choose the cherry wood floor if you want a durable floor with less maintenance. They also increase the value of your home because of its aesthetic appearance.