Arlingham Ivory/Blue Area Rug

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If you are a follower of the modern look and would like to create that ultimate modern look in your place, then hopefully this piece can do something good for you.

Upholstered floor with black carpet

Usually, carpets are a source of comfort and provide extra support and upholstery. If you are interested in a modern theme, simply upholster your floor with a black rug. There are many basic materials for black carpets such as wool, synthetics, cotton, jute and sisal.

Sizes of carpets

8 "* 10", 6 "* 9", 9 "* 12 *, 5" * 8 * are some carpet sizes. Make sure you measure your room accurately before choosing the right size. Black usually looks slim and elegant. So, buying a small size for a large room can cause shrinkage. However, selecting medium to large sized rugs with hefty prints may open up a small area.

In fact, numerous factors play a role in dimensioning. One such factor is furniture, the other is decoration. If you have a large room with limited furniture, a large black carpet will decoratively cover the open spaces. If you place a circular black carpet under a hanging light, it will move to the center and attract the attention of each body.

Create a modern look

Modern themes are especially popular in the USA. It's simple, comfortable and super easy. Start with the wall paint and keep the colors in a neutral tone. Beige, white, ivory and creamy white may be the main options. Neutrality makes a perfect combination with black. Curtain is the next choice. Hanging black and white striped curtains that extend from the ceiling to the floor add extra length to your room.

Slats and blinds can also be used to decorate windows in the same combination. One thing about black carpet is that you can also add other color curtains to create a completely different look. Last but not least, it's time for the black carpet.

If you place black leather sofas or black velvet sofas on a black carpet, you will definitely come into their own. If you have antiques or a masterpiece, you must place it on this attention sign. Some beautiful vintage-era coffee tables or the modern designer collection can be beautifully presented on a black carpet under full lighting to give the ultimate designer a modern theme.