Anthropologie Rug black cream natural cotton zebra Beautiful rug from Anthropolo…

Anthropologie Rug black cream natural cotton zebra Beautiful rug from Anthropologie in a fun animal zebra print or abstract black stripe. Light weight and folds up easily. The main color is a natural fiber cream off white. Has the natural raw look- specks and variation. Then a black zebra print. A few areas where the string was tied off. See last photos. No holes or damage I can see past the variation in the raw material. I might miss lint. It was dryeled in the dyer. Smoke free. Can’t be bundled! Approx 74” x 50” close to a 6’ x 4’ Anthr

We always have many options for your home when it comes to carpets, even in animal motifs. We have so many animal print rugs to choose from, including animal print rugs like zebra print rugs, leopard rugs, tiger rugs, and more. When we buy one of these animal print carpets, especially zebra print carpets, we will have a variety of options to choose from and we must always make our choices as they also enhance the look of our home or our surroundings.

Whether it's a leopard rug, zebra print rug, or any other rug, it must be something that gives your home or room a completely different and unique look. The zebra print rug is the perfect animal print rug for any room where a rug pad needs to be used. This is recommended but not required. The variety, colors and patterns are manifold. The choice makes the difference.

Appearance and texture

Zebra print rugs are sleek, stylish, sophisticated, thinly woven, finely knotted, and have a solid and strong base that blends in very clearly with the patterns, adding a striking look and additional visual quality and texture. It also offers a strong and noble look. It also gives your decor a noble touch. Carefully crafted and then properly maintained, zebra print carpets provide softness, softness, suppleness, suppleness, strength and strength. Natural stains, colors, patterns and size differences are certain characteristics of the zebra print carpet that enrich and enhance the look and decoration.

Variety and history

Carpets with zebra print make for a look that is varied or mid-century, making the fashionable home addictive to the trend. This room carpet with such printing options is a mix of black and white colors. This machine-woven victimization polyolefin carpet is powerful and stays stiff for years. The rug together contains a thin edge in black, which contributes to its appearance and robustness. The carpet should be spot treated with water and a light detergent.

However, a professional cleanup is recommended because of the most popular option. Add a motivational part to your area with this well-woven Kings Court Brown Zebra print rug. It is made of 100 percent nylon, which provides strength and durability. This tempting rug is brown with a delicate animal print. This room carpet is available in different sizes to choose from. This Kings Court Brown Animal Print rug by Well woven is fade-resistant and dirt-repellent. This carpet is soft and cuddly and provides excellent protection against the cold.