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Laminate floors can be easily cleaned with the right mop. The following guide will help you to do the same effortlessly. Two main requirements in this case would be the microfiber mop and the cleaning solution. Microfiber mop can help to easily clean the laminate floors. The microfiber mop glides easily over the ground and collects both animal hair and dirt. The swiveling head makes it easier to cover larger areas under chairs and tables. You even need a lot less water, which is very good, because the laminate floor shrinks under the influence of water.

Use a cleaning solution

The cleaning solution can either be from the manufacturer or you can make it yourself. In both cases, a spray bottle must be used to spray the solution onto the pad.

Instructions for cleaning laminate floors

Vacuum the laminate floor to vacuum out the large particles, or wipe them dry with the microfiber mop.

Spray the microfiber mop with cleaning solution after moistening with warm water.

Wipe the floor with the microfiber mop.

If the microfibre mop pad is dirty, rinse it in warm water, spray the solution again, and continue. This does not mean that you have to pull a bucket of warm water each time you wipe the floor. A single mop can easily be used for two or more rooms. Additional wiper pads can be helpful in these cases.

Rinse the floor after wiping and hang the microfiber pad to dry.

If the pad looks discolored, put it in the washing machine after it has been completely rinsed off.

Precautions when cleaning laminate floors

It is better not to clean the laminate floors with thread wipers, as cleaning only takes longer and also leaves streaks. In addition, a lot of water is needed to clean the laminate floors, which can lead to cracks on the floor due to the absorption of water by the floor. Moisture can also deform the laminate floor over a period of time. Therefore, it is better to avoid sponges or thread wipers on laminate floors.

When using vacuum to remove large particles, it is better to avoid the impact bar as it can scratch the laminate floor. These scratches are clearly visible on high-gloss surfaces when exposed to light. It's better to have two or more replacement mops, just in case others are washed.