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Carpets refer to a fabric floor covering consisting of a raised surface or a top layer of "pile" attached to a base. The terms "carpets" and "carpets" are usually used interchangeably, but sometimes they are also distinguished. Some people call it carpet when it extends from wall to wall or covers the entire floor, and call it carpet when it is smaller and can easily be laid or removed.

The production of antique carpets

Antique carpets or oriental rugs, as they are sometimes called, are heavy textiles that may have a top and bottom layer or just one layer. They usually consist of cotton, silk or wool. Antique rugs are usually woven and dyed by hand on a loom. The dyes used come from plant or insect sources. For example, the yellow dyes used in traditional Turkish carpets come from various camomile species and onions.


Antique rugs are famous for their rich designs. Some of them are curvilinear ("floral"), others straight ("geometric"). For some carpets, a basic design can cover the entire surface ("allover design"). A traditional antique rug design uses a medallion or a symmetrical pattern in the middle of the rug. This pattern is then repeated at the four corners.

Antique carpets in the western world

Antique carpets fascinated the western world since the 11th centuryth Century. They were considered luxury goods and symbols of prestige and dignity. They have been collected in museums and by private collectors and have become the subject of scientific research and analysis.

Already in the 14th century, the great adventurer and traveler Marco Polo wrote about the antique carpets that he had seen on his travels. In Western European paintings from 14th From the 20th century, antique carpets were regularly shown. They came to public attention in the West when they were shown in an exhibition that took place in Vienna in 1891. After this success, a second exhibition took place in London in 1892.

Antique rugs in the United States

The first exhibition of antique rugs in the United States took place in 1893 in Chicago. Other exhibitions took place in the years 1922, 1926 and 1939. In 1932, a group of carpet enthusiasts and collectors founded the Hajji Baba Club, which has since contributed significantly to the appreciation and knowledge of antique rugs in the United States.